Sunday, March 01, 2015

Akshayakalpa Integrated Organic Dairy - An Introduction

  • Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Private Limited (Akshayakalpa) has come into existence to incubate agriculture based rural enterprises and hence elevate existing subsistence farming to enterprise farming.
  • Akshayakalpa has taken up the challenge of promoting rural entrepreneurship in agriculture and food processing sector with aim of value addition to agriculture produce at source of production and hence generate substantial employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • Will harness market forces to procure, process and market agricultural commodities. Model followed will be based on decentralized production and centralized processing without disturbing existing land holding pattern of the farmers.
  •  Shall spearhead use of  appropriate technology in agricultural enterprises to remove drudgery and achieve substantial operational efficiencies,
  •  As a first step Akshayakalpa have take up organic milk and milk products production, processing and marketing as a means to  setup agriculture based rural entrepreneurship driven business models.
  • This is a first organized effort in organic milk and milk products production, processing and marketing of substantial scale in the country.
  •  Akshayakalpa will setup a central milk processing plant and this will be run by women’s commune with support from Akshayakalpa professional team. The central unit will have facilities to process milk into various milk products.
  •  Along with the central processing plant there will also be a central herd of 500 elite cows to produce elite heifers and bulls for breeding purpose across the country. Central processing plant and farm will be owned by Akshayakalpa.
  • Akshayakalpa will setup 300 satellite farms within 30 KM radius from the central processing plant. Satellite farms will serve as captive production units for milk production.

Satellite Farms

Satellite farms will be owned and run by village youth/farmers and will borrow approx Rs 20 lakhs directly from Bank(s) with their own collateral and security.

Ø  Satellite farms will supply organic milk to the central processing plant for processing and value addition under an agreement.

Ø  Each satellite unit will have 25 cows and farmers will follow organic milk production protocols under supervision and guidance of the Akshayakalpa.

Ø  Each of the satellite farms will have 5 acres of land with adequate irrigation facility to produce organic fodder. All the animals will be maintained on 100 % fodder diets without any external concentrate feeds.

Ø  To ensure good animal productivity at least 5 leguminous and 5 non-leguminous fodders will be cultivated under organic conditions.  This will reduce cost of production and increase profits to farmers. All the fodder plots will be fertilized only with the cow dung produced on the farm.

Ø  Akshayakalpa will provide end to end solutions and services to satellite farmers to produce certified organic milk conforming to international standards. The best technology will be adopted to maintain milk production at optimum and economic level. All the farms will be centrally monitored through computerized tracking systems.

Ø  All the farms will be adequately automated for operations like daily recording of animal temperature, monitoring for pre-clinical mastitis, heat monitoring, fodder harvesting and fodder chaffing and cow wise milk yield measurements.

Ø  Exclusive milking parlors equipped with automatic milking systems are installed in all the farms.

Ø  Each satellite farm will have a chiller integrated with the automated milking systems to cool the  milk immediately after milking to 4°C

Ø  The data generated in individual farms will be relayed in real time to the central monitoring station where veterinarians will be available round the clock and required veterinary care will be provided. Every cow will be tracked for daily milk production, temperature, mastitis and heat symptoms to ensure highest productivity.

Ø  Farmers will receive advisories on the performance of the farm in terms of milk production, cow wise monitoring for disease status and productivity, culling advisories and insurance status.

Ø  Cow sheds are exclusively designed to ensure maximum cow comfort. All the cows are provided with rubber mattresses

Ø  Cows are not tied and will have free movement within the paddock. Cows will have free access to water and fodder 24 hours a day.

Ø  In the normal course animals will not be treated with antibiotics. Herbal and homeopathic drugs will be preferred. Wherever antibiotics are to be used for saving life the treated animals are taken out of the herd and the milk will be separately taken out and disposed.

 For further information contact:
            Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Private Limited
            382/2, Sharadanagara, Tiptur – 572202, Karnataka, India
            email –


neelkant said...

Dear Mr.Reddy and team , its a great initiative that you have taken up in making the rural farmers self sustained and create wealth among farmers. Great doing

mallikarjun mudumali said...

HI Team,

Great. i would like to visit to your dairy as i have similar plans for my future. could you please reply to mail which i sent to pls

dipak kumar said...

Dear Team Members... Great efforts n courage by you ppl.. agri n dairy farming will one day will be considered as white collar job... I m interested to visit your farm and take guidance from you want to start on similar lines in Bihar.
Please revert on

Chickpea said...

where can i buy organic milk?


In this busy and settled life .its the courage of ITIANS who left the job and doing a perfect Indian job.
I wish I could also b a part of such great greater people's group.

Vino dhanan said...

feeling great sir.many of youth they were going abroad and serving another country,they should realize the fact and they should work for our country.many of the students still they are searching jobs. why cant they choose this,i am very happy that i have visited your site.congrats sir. you made many former as a milliner,i pray for u sir,

Ravi Kumar said...

Its really great job. Mr.Reddy and team is showing modern technical face of organic farming for our young generation.

I am really surprised to see the benefits of organic milk.

aji said...

Are these cows desi or imported milking cows?

naveen r said...

Hello sir,
I Naveen along with my friends planned to do dairy farming . Need your assistance in establishing. kindly do the needful!!!


naveen r said...

Hello sir,
I Naveen along with my friends planned to do dairy farming . Need your assistance in establishing. kindly do the needful!!!



very inpsiring enterprenuership for the youth of today who are just madly running after IT and software Jobs.

this venture will have more satifaction and 'Joy in doing the work for ourselves and our Country too!


This is very promising and inspiring for the youth of our Country today when every one is madly rushing towards IT and software Jobs.

this can be a very Good Job for gaining Self Satisfaction and good move towards self employment and motivating too!!

Thanks to Dr Reddy and Team..please give more hints and guidances to start off in this direction..

Gita K Raman said...

Great initiative, but please increase visibility. I am in Chelekere and unable to get door delivery of this amazing milk from April 1st 2015

Gita K Raman said...

Great initiative. But how do i get door delivery? I live near kalyanagar and supply has been stopped suddenly.

amol wagle said...

Please provide the shop where I can get your milk in old madras road/indiranagar.