Friday, July 13, 2012

Who says India lives in villages?: where do we belong?

Question we need ask and answer is -- where do we belong? is it towns and villages? or no villages and only towns and cities? -- very interesting to note that all the parameters indicate that it is only towns and cities NOT villages that too by design

Who says India lives in villages?: where do we belong?: A difficult question in deed! There was a time when it was assumed to be below dignity for a farmers son to leave the house in search of ...

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Positive change through rural entreprenureship

Akshayakalpa have started on a firm footing to engineer next agriculture revolution in India through village and farmer level entrepreneurship models. The first farm went live recently and as of today's -- Nataraj's gross income is Rs. 70,000 per month (USD 1270 per moth at exchange rate of Rs. 55 per USD) from selling milk from his dairy operations. He produces about 120 liters of milk every day (as of 30th June 2012)

Quotes from recent press coverage - Hindu

“Manual labour has been reduced considerably in the farm. Cow dung and urine are flushed into a biogas plant. The gas (methane) generated in the plant is used to operate a generator to produce power for eight hours in a day. This will be enough to operate irrigation pumpsets and other machinery in the farm,” he said. Further, the slurry from the bio-gas plant is led to a bio-digester. The filtrate is pumped out through a sprinkler system to the farm. “The cultivation is completely organic. Chemical fertilizers are avoided at all levels.”
 “I am happy with the results of this venture. We don't have labourers. Our family members are enough for the work. The best part is that we are getting power to run the pumpset from the bio-gas plant. Earlier we had to wait for the power supply to lift water.”

Akshayakalpa farm chilled cow milk availability in Bangalore

+91 9535388122  -- Akshayakalpa Customer Care (7 days a weeks, 8 AM to 6 PM)

Note to Consumers: Akshayakapa milk is from the farms which are organically managed. No external concentrate feeds are used and nutritional  requirements of the cows are met with fodder (close to 15 verities of fodder - both mono-cots and di-cots in 70:30 proportion) grown by farmer on his own land and using organic farming practices.

Cows are not tied or restrained in any manner. Free access to food and water is provided throughout the day. Cow comfort is given utmost importance, cows are provided with mats (with 37% natural rubber) for comfort and to avoid damage to hoofs and knee joints.
Cows are NOT administered with any antibiotics and hormones. If Antibiotics are used for life saving purposes, milk is NOT collected for consumption till the withdrawal period as prescribed for that particular antibiotic.