Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prices of Akshayakalpa Products

Akshayakalpa Organic Milk and Milk Prices Effective 1st Feb 2017 in the State of Karnataka
1) Organic Full Cream Milk - Rs 35 per half liter
2) Organic Skim Milk           - Rs 30 per half liter
3) Organic Full Cream Curd - Rs 20 per 200 ml
4) Malai Paneer                     - Rs 100 per 200 grams
5) Organic Ghee                    - Rs 500 per 500 grams
6) Organic Ghee                    - Rs 200 per 200 grams
7) Organic Butter                  - Rs 150 per 200 grams


Ranjith said...


Pl share the contacts of the Akshayakalpa dealers at Padmanabha nagar or close by areas

Ranjith said...

Pl share the contact details of dealers towards Padmanabhanagar or close by areas

Akshayakalpa Initiatives said...

Thanks for the note. Please provide your telephone number we will connect to the agent. alternatively your could call our customer 9535388122,

Divya.B.A said...

Hello, do you delivery the milk to Whitefield?